Tropical Storm 金旺來辣醬



For the sweet heat lovers. A great combination of birds eye chilli, ginger and pineapple. It starts sweet and finishes with a mild heat. A perfect companion for fish, pork and stir-fry.


The Classic 經典辣醬

最百搭的經典辣醬, 我們精心調配的辣醬可用來搭配中式西式各國菜餚,烹調可提味增香, 辣度中上,使用朝天椒, 大紅袍花椒,米醋製成, 酸香辣讓您回味無窮. 


The ultimate flavour enhancer. It’s balanced taste makes it great for a table sauce as well as a cooking companion. Try it with rice, eggs, or pizza and see for yourself. The Classic is made with organically grown birds eye chillies, rice vinegar and szechuan pepper for an extra kick without overpowering.  


The Ghost 鬼椒辣醬

一樣百搭但是使用發酵的朝天椒,鬼椒還有味噌讓此款辣醬有著更醇厚的口感, 更綿長的麻辣勁道適合用來搭配火鍋麵類湯頭, 喜歡吃辣的朋友不可錯過.


If you want to kick it up a notch, The Ghost is the sauce for you. Great for soups, noodles and chicken dishes. The Ghost is made with organically grown birds eye and ghost chillies, miso and sesame oil to give it a unique flavour that makes it a friend to both western and Asian dishes.


The Torcher 火吻死神醬

舌尖上的火焰, 辣度最高的一款辣醬, 追求極度辣感的朋友就是這一味. 使用哈巴內羅燈籠椒還有死神辣椒, 帶熱帶果香的火辣後勁十足. 


They keep getting hotter. A little goes a long way. Add a few drops to your next sauce or make that burger spicy. Not for the faint of heart. The Torcher is made with organically grown habanero, scorpion and reaper chillies that will numb the tongue.


Anita's Wrath 瘋魔辣醬

也是一款極致辣度的辣醬, 以檸檬香茅,南薑等泰式香料引出濃厚的紅咖哩辛香味,朝天椒帶頭的嗆辣,添加等比的百萬辣度印度鬼椒辣出走火入魔境界.


The Chilliheads asked for it. This sauce starts hot and builds. It has a complex curry flavor with lemon grass, galangal, red chillies and a lot of fresh ghost pepper from our farms. It goes great with everything...if you can handle the heat!


Gift Sets 全套優惠組

​您可當禮物送給喜歡吃辣的朋友一定很棒! 或者對Anita's辣醬已經上癮可以多買一些存貨._


Check out our gift set options and buy a gift that keeps on burning. Whether there's a special someone that you carry a flame for or a certain someone you wish harm, this is the perfect gift for both friends and enemies.


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