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An Instant Classic

It was a fall of 2014 and Anita and I were starting another day at a restaurant we owned. It was not uncommon for us to try new specials. The night before, one of our customers commented that we should make our own in-house hot sauce.

Anita went to the market, picked out the ingredients and made a sauce. She put it in little cups on the tables and our customers quickly started to ask for it in bottles. This became “The Classic.”

The initial surprise for us was how quickly the sauce was used. Over the years, we had served other brands of Chilli sauce for our customers and they were used quite sparingly.

We thickened our new sauce and added an insert to the bottle because we thought that it was pouring too fast. Whatever we did the results were the same. People just enjoyed putting it on their food.

The appearance of “The Classic” has the makings of any western hot sauce. What sets it apart is the use of common Taiwanese ingredients that can be found in any market. This means it’s just as suitable on dumplings or rice as it is on a pizza or burger.

Since the sauce was first made there have been many changes in our business. We sold the restaurant, moved to the east coast of Taiwan and added four more sauces. “The Classic” has been sold in all types of bottles, with different logos to people from many countries.

What never changes is the reaction of the customers when they use “The Classic” on food. They pour more on. In an instant.

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