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The Al Pastor Disaster

It was a disaster and I was smiling from ear to ear. In September of 2015 I was going to sell Tacos Al Pastor for the first time at The Compass International Food Festival in Taichung. We bought and received the doner kebab rotisserie on a Thursday and here I was bumbling through service on the Saturday. Although I tried planning for the event as best I could, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong. As dinner approached our pork wasn’t cooking quickly enough and the line continued to build. As I frantically cut the pork to make the tacos our poor staff were getting an earful from the crowd. After it was all over all I could think about was it worked. We were busy.

A few years before, an American customer was sitting at the bar of a restaurant I owned and was talking about how he missed Mexican food. He said the best taco he ever had was off a rotisserie in Mexico city. I heard the words pork and pineapple and immediately knew it could be made in Taiwan. From time to time I would research it but I really had no reason to make it. That all changed when we started selling hot sauce and decided to promote by selling at festivals. Our version of tacos Al Pastor is served on an 8 inch flour tortilla with cabbage, rotisserie pork, pineapple salsa and your choice of Anita’s Hot Sauce.

Since that day three years ago the Taco Al Pastor Truck has become an integral part of Anita’s Hot Sauce success. Every weekend we go to a different place in Taiwan and sell in festivals, at popups and on the side of the street. In February of this year we were getting set up for The Carnivale at Maji Square in Taipei which started at 11 in the morning. I started cooking the pork at 10AM and people of all ages and backgrounds began to line up. While the line continued to build, I thought back to the day I bought the rotisserie and wondered why I only bought one.

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