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Anita's 辣醬是來自一對台灣和加拿大夫婦的餐廳廚房裡誕生的, 想要一款可以同時搭配西式中式料理又夠辣夠味的辣醬,因為找不到適合的於是自行開發出了給自家餐廳 專用的辣醬. 因為廣受歡迎客戶紛紛要求購買於是我們便開始將辣醬裝瓶販售.

現在我們在台東地區和在地農民合作栽種無農藥的各品種辣椒, 希望能製作出安心又美味的獨特Anita's辣醬.

​嘗嘗這獨特美味,請搭配Anita's 辣醬讓你一吃就上癮!

Anita's hot sauce started when The Classic was served as a table condiment at Anita Chiu's restaurant . Soon customers were asking to buy it in bottles. Anita sold the restaurant, kept the sauce and moved to Dulan, Taitung.

Our sauces are made from peppers grown and fermented on the east coast of Taiwan. In the beginning, we traveled the Island selling Tacos Al Pastor, Margarita's and Hot Sauce. Customers came for the tacos and stayed for the sauce. Today, we are concentrating on producing great sauces.

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